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4 Benefits of Audio Transcription for Musicians

By: Brittany Corners | Published: May 13, 2015

Four Benefits of Audio Transcription for MusiciansCompetition is fierce in the music industry. It is not uncommon for hundreds – or even thousands – of talented individuals to vie for the same gig, which means that pre-audition preparation is a must. If your schedule is packed with voice lessons or orchestral performances, you may find it hard to squeeze in time for other music-related tasks, such as transcribing your compositions onto staff paper.

Fortunately, music transcription services are available to help pick up the slack. A music transcription service takes your audio files and translates what you play or sing into sheet music for you.

Whether you’re a budding pop star or a dedicated violinist, here are four ways that a music transcription service can benefit you.

Copyright Protection

You may have heard about Robin Thicke’s recent plagiarism drama, in which he was ordered to pay Marvin Gaye’s children millions of dollars, but he’s certainly not the only performer who has been accused of musical plagiarism. Sending your videos or audio files to a music transcription service helps prove that you created the content first, especially if you request a timestamp on the material. You can even ask the company to add copyright information to your transcribed files.

Records of Impromptu Performances

Sometimes creativity strikes in the midst of a performance, and you aren’t even sure exactly what you did. Relive a spur-of-the-moment guitar solo or pitch-perfect chorus addition by ordering a transcription of the performance. This makes it simple to one day recreate the performance, if desired, for your audience.

Freedom to Be Creative

When inspiration strikes, you may lose your train of thought if you stop to jot down musical notes every few minutes. Instead of disrupting your creative flow, record yourself singing or strumming the chords of your guitar and send the file to a transcriptionist. For a nominal fee, a transcription company can transform your audio file or video into an easy-to-read page of sheet music.

Instrument Conversion

If your band members play multiple instruments and haven’t decided which ones work best for your latest song, turn your files over to a music transcription company. A team of talented transcriptionists can create sheet music for multiple instruments, so your group can easily figure out whether your melody needs trumpets or flutes. You can also request sheet music for alto and soprano singers to ensure that each member of the chorus can hit the notes comfortably.

While most people immediately think of spoken words when they think of transcription services, music transcription provides an essential service to busy musicians. If you’ve been struggling to find the time to transfer the notes in your head onto paper, a music transcription service is the perfect solution.


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