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4 Features Your Conference Call Service Should Have

By: Brittany Corners | Published: September 24, 2015


Using a conference call service offers an easy way to conduct meetings and training seminars without having to gather everyone in one space. Most services offer a wide range of features and prices can vary from free to pay-as-you-go with some offering extra features for more money. It’s important to begin your search for a service by knowing what features you absolutely have to have.


One of the most important features of a conference call service is the ability to connect from a variety of operating systems. While many conference call service providers are accessible through desktop browsers, some only offer iOS or Android apps. This is a problem for businesses and cross-company partnerships that use both. Busy freelancers often work from locations outside the home, and being able to join a conference call from a smartphone or tablet is important. Try to find a service that offers both Android and IOS compatibility.

Caller Numbers

Your meetings often vary from brainstorming with four or five co-workers to conducting a training session for an entire workforce. Check the conference call service to verify the maximum number of attendees per call. Some services offer free conference calls for small meetings with a sliding fee scale for large groups. Most generate email invitations so you everybody who’s invited is on the same page with scheduling.

Collaboration and Sharing

Most meetings include sharing documents or graphics with your co-workers and staff. Look at each conference call service to see what is offered for document transfers. Some offer whiteboards where everyone can easily brainstorm and add ideas, while others let the person conducting the meeting upload necessary documents and other info within the conference call.

Call Recording

The ability to share your info with those who weren’t invited or couldn’t attend the meeting is one of the most important considerations when choosing a conference call service. If you are going to be sharing the conference with others or uploading the contents for transcription, make sure the service you choose offers recording and file-sharing features.

A good conference call service makes conducting your meetings stress-free and simple, and many offer a suite of features to enhance your experience. Looking to transcribe your conference calls to documents for sharing? Head to for more information.

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