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You’re a busy student, and transcribing your university lectures yourself can be very, very time consuming. Non-professional transcribers often find that it takes up to one full hour to transcribe just five minutes of spoken-word audio. With the stakes so high and your time so valuable, why not outsource your thesis transcription work to our professional thesis transcription service?


Less Stress, More Free Time

Our thesis transcription services have been sought out by universities, technical colleges, institutes and other educational centers. Thesis transcription services are a high-priority area of focus of our professional transcribers. Regardless of your major, your degree or your area of specialty, our thesis transcription service can help. We assist both students and educators at all levels in transcribing their talks, lectures and speeches with accuracy and efficiency. Our thesis speech transcription service includes features that our competition just can’t match.

It can be both time consuming and stressful to transcribe spoken word material on your own; this is where we come in. We’ll type out and convert all of your audio to text. We’ll document your research material and then compile it into a Rich Text Format. Our qualified transcribers will accurately transcribe all of your speech or research interviews into text, saving you many, many hours of work. With all of your extra time, you’ll be able to be better prepared for exams, put more time into research and writing, get a few extra hours of sleep, or take a much-needed break from your studies.

Any Format, Any Size

From digital audio recordings to analog recordings and every other type of format, we’ll handle your job professionally and accurately the first time. We offer fast turnaround that doesn’t sacrifice quality, and we do it all for a competitive price.  If you have a format not listed on our accepted file formats, contact us and we will work with you to complete your project.

Simply provide us with your presentations and audio files, and we’ll take care of the rest. We adhere to the highest of industry standards and rules for transcription, and we’ll pay close attention to all of the things that less qualified transcribers might miss. We continually strive for the highest accuracy and the very best in quality so that your studies will be easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding.


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