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Conference Call Services: The Must-Have You Didn’t Know You Needed

Getting integral members of a task force or committee together can be nearly impossible to accomplish, especially if those members work in different offices or branches of the company. This is when using a conference call service can save you the time and stress of doing it all on your own.

Simple Scheduling

Finding a date and time that works well for everyone to be in one spot is incredibly difficult in this busy corporate world. It is even harder to get people on the phone. Using a conference call service lets you send out invites across the room or across the continent to attendees. Once accepted, the service builds a list so you can plan for who will be available. Some services even let you query participants so you can nail down a time that works for everyone.

Audio or Video

A quality conference call service gives you several options to choose from, including an audio or video interface. By choosing video conferencing, small groups get almost the same experience as sitting across the conference room table, while larger groups across multiple branches are easy to accommodate with an audio setup. You can typically share documents across the call, making conference call services a great way to conduct training seminars without the cost of convention hall rentals and business trips.

Recording Capabilities

If you pick a conference call service that offers recording – and most of them do – it opens the door to sharing information with co-workers who weren’t able to attend the call or weren’t invited. Use an online transcription service to transfer your recording to text, making it available for review and future training of your staff. Upload your recording to the service, and receive an error-free document to file as a record and distribute to employees. This takes the stress of disseminating valuable information off of your shoulders so you can focus on the goals discussed in your conference call.

Choosing a conference call service for your meetings broadens your opportunities for collaborating and sharing with staff. Visit for more information on how to incorporate online transcription with your calls.