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How Freelancers Improve Productivity Each Day

While working as a freelancer offers benefits such as flexible hours and the freedom of working from home, working independently also has its share of challenges, especially when it comes to productivity. Distractions such as noisy neighbors, non-work related phone calls, household traffic and social media can lead to a lot of wasted time, leaving freelancers with piles of unfinished work at days’ end. If you’ve transitioned into the freelance world as a writer or transcriptionist and are looking for easy ways to improve productivity and keep the cash flowing, these tried and true methods come highly recommended by freelancers.

StayFocusd Time Management App

StayFocusd is a handy app utilized by many freelancers who find themselves distracted by social media sites, video games and streaming video pages during peak work hours. Once downloaded, the StayFocusd app can be utilized to block websites and in-page content such as Youtube videos. It’s definitely easy to procrastinate when nobody is looking over your shoulder, and this handy app is an ideal solution when it comes to staying focused on your work.

Scheduling Breaks

One of the most common challenges that freelancers face is erratic working hours, especially in the transcription world. In many cases, freelance transcriptionists receive files after hours with 24 hour turnaround times, which can lead to late nights or extended periods of time without breaks. While the hours you work may not fall between 9 and 5, you can still manage your workload and improve productivity by scheduling periodic breaks. Freelance transcription and freelance writing jobs require a lot of typing, which can be hard on the hands and wrists. Scheduling short, 10 to 15 minute breaks for every hour of typing allows you to rest your hands and prevent mental fatigue.

Map Out Your Work Day

One of the best and easiest ways to improve productivity when working from home as a freelancer is to map out your work day and tasks with a paper list or a word document. While it is common for a freelancer’s work assignments to change at the drop of a hat, you can easily create a general outline with projected “start to finish” times and alter your schedule if necessary. If typing or handwriting feels too tedious, you can also download 2Do, a user-friendly app that allows you to split up your projects and create task lists for each project. This handy app does all the work for you, and even sends out friendly reminders to your smartphone so you can stay on task.

While the freelance world tends to be less structured than brick and mortar environments, treating your work from home job like a day at the office is essential when it comes to continued success. Staying focused during your work day and creating realistic daily goals can help you improve productivity and move forward toward a lucrative freelance future. Follow @TranscribeCom on Twitter for more productivity hacks.