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4 Top Tips for Improving Productivity Today

Improving productivity is a challenge for everyone. Whether working at home or in the office, people find a variety of ways to distract themselves. Factor in deliberate procrastination due to challenging projects or boring errands, and it’s a wonder anyone gets anything done at all. Luckily, there are four great ways to boost your productivity at home or at work.

Just Say No

In today’s socially obsessed, media-saturated society, it is nearly impossible for some people to go more than five minutes without checking their phones, social media accounts or news sites. That constant influx of information, however, is seriously detrimental to your ability to focus. For many people, improving productivity can be as simple as disabling push notifications on phones and computers or switching off tempting devices for a set period of time. Many experts suggest making a habit of looking at all your emails and social media notifications first thing in the morning, responding to necessary messages and alerts, and then avoiding these types of time wasters for several hours to ensure you stay focused on important tasks.

Check Off Big Items First

When you tackle the most challenging hurdles early on, it makes the remaining work feel less cumbersome. If you’re facing a big project, or even just an errand that feels particularly onerous, take care of that item first. This makes the rest of your day feel easier in comparison, while the relief of finishing the dreaded task decreases your stress level and improves your mood. In addition, taking care of a big, challenging project well before the deadline makes you look better at work, potentially opening doors for advancement down the road.

Check It Twice

Nothing is worse than finishing a task only to realize you’ve made an error and have to start from scratch. This can be an especially dangerous pitfall if you have several similar tasks that require many steps and strict attention to detail. Try using a list, outlining each successive step in as much detail as necessary, to ensure you complete each task correctly the first time. Lists are a great tool for improving productivity¬†and making sure you get everything done. The satisfying feeling of checking off completed items can be powerful motivator all on its own.

Strength in Numbers

One of the biggest time-wasting habits of all is jumping from task to task without any discernible strategy. Constantly forcing your brain to change focus is a sure-fire way to tire yourself out quickly. Luckily, many jobs consist of the same types of tasks done over and over, with slight variations. Divide your workload into groups of similar tasks, and allocate certain times of day to take care of each category. For example, emails need to be checked more than once a day, but every 10 minutes is too much. Set aside three half-hour periods throughout the day to read and respond to email. This adds structure to your day and eventually trains others to expect responses only at certain times of day, lessening the stress of constantly having new, urgent messages to reply to.

There are numerous ways to improve productivity in the office and at home, depending on your existing habits. Simply by implementing these four techniques, you can create a structured, efficient workday that makes the most of every minute. Be sure to visit to find out more about how to improve your productivity and lessen your workload.