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The 5 Best Methods for Online Content Marketing

Publishing original content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. However, just making the content available isn’t enough. You also need to market that content. Teaming up great content with excellent online content marketing attracts new visitors to your website.

Focus on Variety

To drive new visitors to your website, don’t just post variations on a theme day after day. Instead, create a wide variety of content to attract different sorts of visitors and bring them back as regulars. Look for ways to engage your visitors directly or through social media to help build a sense of commitment to your website.

Leverage Social Media Wisely

It’s not enough to have a Facebook or Twitter link on your website. Good online content marketing demands that you keep up with the ever-shifting social media landscape, connecting to Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram among other social sites. Determine which social media platforms are the most appropriate for your particular content to reach as many potential customers as possible. Create sharable snippets on your site so your visitors can help redirect their own contacts in your direction.

Plan Ahead

If you want visitors to return to your website on a regular basis, you need to post new content daily. Plan your online content marketing out at least three to six months in advance, and develop a timeline to make sure you keep the content flowing.

Keep It Visual

Increasingly, website visitors demand visual content to stay interested in a site, as the success of platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Buzzfeed attests. Emphasize eye-catching photos at the top of each piece you post, keeping the images simple and strong enough to serve as interest-grabbers in a Facebook post. Make wise use of infographics to help get your message across visually.

Don’t Forget Mobile

As more and more customers turn to mobile devices to access the Web, you need to adapt your online content marketing strategies accordingly. Make sure your content is easy to read on a small screen, and reformat your pages to work instantly on iOS and Android platforms. If your customers can’t click straight from your content page to an action page, such as a shopping cart, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

Great online content marketing involves creating a viable plan and executing it over the long haul. By intertwining your Web content with your social media strategy and making the online experience as simple and as interesting as possible for your customers, you’re likely to see your business grow. Follow @TranscribeCom on Twitter for new marketing ideas.