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7 Tips for Recording Effective Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes form an important part of a company’s official record. Detailed and accurate minutes are valuable reference and guidance tools for the status of projects and the staff assigned to them. Recording good notes is essential to developing effective meeting minutes, and writing up accurate minutes is essential to preserving the essence of the meeting. When it is absolutely critical to get accurate and unbiased minutes of the meeting, consider using a professional online transcription service.

Choose a Method and Be Prepared

Make sure that you’re physically capable of recording the minutes of the meeting. If you’re using a laptop, check that it’s charged and fully operational. If you’re writing by hand, take a spare pen and extra paper.

Find Out Who’s Attending

Make note of the correctly spelled names and positions of the attendees. During the meeting, record who is absent or late, and connect individuals with their involvement in tasks under discussion.

Study the Agenda

Minutes are not word-by-word recordings of meetings; they are records of key information. Use the agenda to prepare for the flow of information by knowing the issues up for discussion and the order of presentation.

Create a Minutes Template

Use a custom template as an outline, and fill in the blanks to record the minutes. Save time by completing in advance any standard information fields for known data such as date, chairperson and agenda items.

Listen Carefully

During the meeting, differentiate between key information and sideline commentary. Screen out irrelevant comments, and focus on the agenda essentials such as policy decisions, voting results, staffing changes, task assignments and deadlines.

Organize Your Notes Without Delay

A fresh memory makes the minute-writing task simpler and ensures greater accuracy. Allow time immediately following the meeting to organize the gathered information and check for inaccuracies and awkward or ambiguous phrasing in preparation for online transcription.

Send for Online Transcription

Minutes of the meeting stand as the company’s only record, and they should be error-free and easy to read. Use an online transcription service to ensure accurate and professional¬†results.

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