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5 Online Productivity Improvement Tools

Get the most out of your work day by adding a few key productivity improvement tools to your collection. These simple tools help keep you on track and reduce distractions, so you can focus on getting your work done more quickly and at a higher quality to increase your income.


HabitRPG is a great addition to your productivity improvement tools collection if you enjoy playing games and have a competitive spirit. This in-browser tool runs like a game and lets you earn experience points for completing tasks you set, such as completing a project done or exercising. The tool also lets users earn virtual gold to spend on rewards both in real life and in-game.


Evernote is a convenient tool that lets you sort and organize notes and memos across multiple devices. Organizing your project information, to-do lists and other textual notes makes it easier to stay on track, and this tool’s multi-device capacity allows for easy access whether you’re in the office or on the go.


Many productivity improvement tools help users track time spent on tasks, and Yast is one that is easily customizable. A convenient timer keeps track of how you spend each part of your day, then converts that information into convenient color-coded charts and graphs, making it easy to see where you spend the most time. Use this useful tool to force yourself to recognize wasted time and quickly fix it.


In-person meetings, sharing files and chatting with team mates can take a lot of time away from your work day, so try out HipChat to handle all of these things directly from your computer. This useful chat program makes it easy participate in live chats and share files between users, allowing you to remain at your desk and focus on the tasks at hand.


Trello is similar to Evernote in that it lets you save data for easy sorting and organization, but it also allows additional users to access to specific information with your permission. This helpful program makes sharing information and receiving instant updates easy when you are away from the office, allowing you to increase your off-site productivity with minimal extra effort.

These useful online tools require little or no extra software, keeping your desktop clean and clutter free for a more productive environment. Ready to learn more about transcription best practices? Follow @TranscribeCom on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest information and helpful tips.