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Unique Ways to Increase Business Productivity

Because each work day is limited in hours, you want to take advantage of every tool possible to increase business productivity while you are working. Removing distractions to stay focused and organizing your time intentionally can go a long way in helping you amp up your productivity. The following are a few specific tips aimed at increased productivity at work.

Track Your Time Expenses

Most businesspeople do a pretty good job of tracking their financial expenses, for tax purposes if nothing else. Do you have any real idea, however, of how you are spending your time? Increase business productivity by understanding where your time really goes each day. Studies show that most people are actually not good at this, so creating a minute-by-minute record of your time expenditures can set you apart. Use an online tool such as Yast to keep track of how much time you are spending on various websites or using different applications, or just keep an eye on the clock and write everything down. Being productive is usually a matter of handling time well, and you cannot manage resources you are not tracking.

Use the Power of the List

A basic to-do list is one of the most powerful tools you have to increase business productivity. Take the large tasks you have in front of you and break them down into daily or even hourly chunks. This allows you to plan ahead so an approaching deadline does not fluster you, and it lets you organize your schedule as efficiently as possible. Group together small errands or phone calls into one block of time so you are not jumping from one task to another, and check off each item on your to-do list as you finish it to see what you are getting accomplished.

Establish a Social Media Policy

As wonderful as social media can be in helping you stay connected to people all over the world, it is also a major distraction that sucks away many people’s work time. Every minute you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn is time you are not being productive. Even if you work as a freelancer, your small business needs a social media policy. Disconnect from social media during work hours, or give yourself a five-minute Facebook break as a reward for completing a major task, with one eye on the clock. Since studies show most people check their smartphones every six minutes, you may want to turn your phone off as well.

Providing yourself with incentives for completing jobs and giving yourself regular breaks during the workday are other small steps that have big productivity payoffs. When you make smart choices, you may even find you can work fewer hours and achieve the same results. Follow @TranscribeCom for more tips to increase business productivity.