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How to Record a Conference Call Easily and Efficiently

Conference calls are an effective way to hold a meeting without requiring people to travel to one location. Follow these tips to record a conference call and get the most productivity from every attendee.

Obtain a Headset

While attendees can use phones for the conference call, a headset is a more convenient option. A headset can plug into a computer or a landline phone. It provides good sound quality and a microphone that’s easy to position right in front of the speaker’s mouth. While wearing a headset, the attendee also has his hands free, letting him use a computer when necessary.

Set up the Call

Use an online meeting service to set up the meeting, and provide the information to all the attendees. Many online meeting services also have a recording feature, letting you record the entire call. Look for a service that has this feature, or download a separate program to record the call so you have a record of it. When the meeting time arrives, attendees can visit the meeting link on a computer or call the meeting phone number. Sign in to the meeting early to ensure there aren’t any technical difficulties.

Keep the Call Organized

Plan the topics for the call in advance to maximize efficiency. Find a quiet location that’s free of distractions while on the call, and ask all attendees to do the same. Ask questions of every attendee to get contributions from everyone. If there are many attendees, ask every attendee to state his name before speaking.

Have the Recording Professionally Transcribed

After you record a conference call, hire a professional transcription service to transcribe the recording. A transcription is an effective way to communicate the information in the conference call to other employees in a document. It also lets attendees review the topics discussed during the call for further clarity. A document is quick and easy to send via email, and readers can search the document instead of trying to find a specific moment in the recording of the call.

Taking appropriate measures before and during a conference call make a big difference in terms of productivity and efficiency. When you record a conference call, you have the chance to review the call, share it with others and have it transcribed for easy access to the information. For more transcription information, visit