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Transcribing Audio to Text: 3 Options and Opinions

In this Internet-based world, recording your content and uploading a podcast to the Web is a great way to inform, entertain and advertise. But this is only the start of getting your words out to masses. Transcribing audio to text lets you take advantage of search engines and market yourself to the hearing impaired and those who prefer reading over playing audio.

Tried and True

The simplest tools for transcribing audio to text are headphones or earbuds and an open Word document. If you are just starting out, this is an excellent option to work with because the cost is nonexistent; most people already own the tools required, and no one knows your speech patterns as well as you do, making the need to rewind and playback minimal. This option is time-intensive and can suck up the hours, whether you transcribe yourself or delegate to a co-worker.

Software Solutions

If you do not have the time or are looking for a way to streamline your audio-to-text transcriptions, investing in speech-recognition software is a reasonable option. To transcribe audio to text using this software, you simply upload your recorded audio to your PC and let the software do the transcribing for you. Drawbacks to this option include sometimes having to purchase a compatible recording program and the fact you still have to edit your transcriptions. While having a computer do the heavy work is a terrific option, nothing replaces the human eye for spotting errors and creating smooth copy to pair with your podcast.

Expert Assistance

A third consideration is hiring a third party to take on the task of transcribing audio to text. Online transcription takes all of the burden of sharing your podcast or meeting recording via text off of your shoulders without compromising a quality document. Many transcription companies offer a variety of add-ons that can be impossible to accomplish on your own, and the services typically include both editing and quality assurance.

Transcribing audio to text is relatively simple to accomplish and broadens the audience for your message. Looking for more guidance on getting your message heard and read? Follow @TranscribeCom on Twitter.