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Increase Business Productivity with Google Apps

By: Brittany Corners | Published: October 20, 2015

increase-business-productivityWe trust Google to get the job done whether we’re searching for client information or funny cat photos, but beyond its go-to status as a search engine, Google has a world of tools, services and specialized apps that are often overlooked. Increase business productivity by taking advantage of these free Google apps.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that lets you manage and share files and create and edit documents and forms. Other features let you track your finances on a spreadsheet and send up to 50 free faxes a month through HelloFax. You get 5GB of space for free, and it’s accessible from both Android tablets and phones and iPhones and iPads.

Google Drive helps you increase business productivity with a mind mapping application called MindMup that helps you lay out your brainstorming ideas and see how they’re connected and Gantter, a web-based project scheduling tool.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking, cloud-based application known for its simplicity, but it has myriad hidden features, making it easy to manage and share notes, lists, photos and audio, ultimately increasing business productivity.

You can set a location-based reminder that tells you what to buy when you get to the office supply store or a time-based reminder to keep ahead of tasks. You can color-code your notes, scan documents to your Google Keep account and utilize audio transcription by speaking to Keep on your smart phone.

Google Calendar

Last but not least, Google Calendar is an online calendar with an embedded tasks tool. You can import a family events calendar, a deadline calendar shared by a client and a variety of free public calendars such as sports schedules and national holidays. You can also set up a daily email so that you receive the day’s agenda in your inbox. Another great feature lets you to set up a link so that customers can sign up for appointments to see you.

Google Search is the tip of the Google iceberg. You can increase business productivity by mastering some of the search giant’s new tools and services. Learn more at

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