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Depositions are an important part of legal process. Not only are they an important fact gathering tool, but they can be frequently admitted at trial — even in a criminal case. When you need key testimony to support a motion, bring in testimony from an unavailable witness, or to impeach the opposing side’s witness, it’s vital that you have a 100% accurate deposition transcript. Anyone who has practiced for even a short amount of time knows that depositions can be filled with legal jargon including Latin phrases, case names and evidentiary objections. To a person not familiar with the jargon, these terms can sound foreign and result in delays while they try to figure them out or even an inaccurate transcript. Only a legal expert will be able to guarantee both a rapid turnaround time and a verbatim transcript.

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We understand the importance of deposition transcriptions to your case and your reputation in general. We maintain a team of expert legal transcribers who are ready to provide you with fast, accurate service. We also understand that when you’re requesting transcription services, it’s probably one of the busiest times for your firm. This is why we make our ordering process as simple as possible. Simply upload the audio or video file for your deposition to your website and make an online payment by credit card or PayPal One of our legal experts will complete the job, and a second will then check it for accuracy. When it’s done, we’ll email you the complete transcript in a Rich Text format that’s ready for you to print and bring to court.

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