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Minute Mayhem: Bridging the Gaps in Your Minutes of a Meeting

By: Brittany Corners | Published: November 30, 2015

minutes-of-a-meetingMeetings are an inevitable part of running a successful business and making plans for the future. Transcribing the minutes of a meeting helps keep what was discussed fresh in your mind long after the meeting ends. If someone else has taken notes, and his writing is illegible, or you found yourself having to leave the meeting for a few minutes to grab a call, you can end up with an incomplete mess. While you can’t rewind live action, you can do some things to smooth out the rough edges.

Refer to the Agenda

At the very least, you can refer to the event agenda when working on your minutes of a meeting. Reading through each topic can jog your memory or make better sense of a co-worker’s notes. While you might not be able to remember or record everything, you can often piece together a fairly accurate representation. Make a note that the minutes are abridged and apologize for any discrepancies.

Ask the Note-Taker

If you’re working with the notes of another, the best thing to do is take a walk to his office or pick up the phone. A short discussion can often clear up any issues, and many times, you can replicate the minutes exactly.

Survey Speakers

Time permitting, discuss the meeting with everyone who was scheduled to speak, explain what has happened and ask for a brief summary of what was discussed and the type of feedback each speaker received. Again, this is not a best case scenario, but it’s something, and it also lets everyone know what happened before you disseminate the minutes.

Consider a Transcription Service

In the office setting, there is nothing quite as nausea inducing as realizing you’ve messed up on your minutes of a meeting and important content is missing. Avoid this in the future by recording your meetings and using a an online transcription service to create clear, easy-to-read documents that catch everything that was said.

Missing out on important meeting minutes doesn’t have to be tragic, there are ways you can recover, including using a recording device next time and hiring a transcription service. Looking to add business transcription services and alleviate the stress? Speak with a professional at

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