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Next in Note-taking: Academic Transcription Solutions

By: Taylor Stronach | Published: May 22, 2014

shutterstock_194101811-[Converted]Blackboards may be gone, but notes are here to stay. Many college students are busy juggling the time constraints of a full-time job with the need to further their education and get ahead in their careers. Professors and teachers often find it hard to keep up with the demands of heavy course loads that require frequent lectures. Recording lectures for academic transcription is a way for both sides of the educational fence to benefit.

Equal Footing

By using academic transcription, colleges can offer equal advantage to students without regard to ability. Transcription solutions take away common blocks that face students with physical and learning disabilities, leveling the educational playing field for all.

Record Important Information

Many students never quite get the hang of the traditional outline used in college-level note-taking. Because of this, important information and key items are often missed or buried under piles of word salad. When students and staff utilize transcription solutions, that information isn’t lost, and engagement increases. Students using academic transcription get more out of their coursework than just credit hours.

Transcription Saves Time

Busy professors often multitask, making in-class time valuable. With academic transcription, teachers can free up a bit of time for one-on-one student consultations or classroom discussion periods. It’s hard and monotonous to repeat yourself when teaching the same subjects, so saving important lectures on paper creates effective notes that can be referred to year after year and semester after semester. Busy students — especially part-time students who work many hours — often have a difficult time keeping up with fast-paced lectures or even attending every lecture. Providing academic transcription solutions gives working students help keeping up with important coursework.

Academic transcription solutions provide a viable answer to many common problems associated with note-taking and study. Access ready-to-apply information on putting experienced academic transcribers to work for your college or vocational school.


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