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6 Social Media Plaforms that Can Amp Up Your Online Content Marketing

By: Brittany Corners | Published: November 26, 2015

online-content-marketingAlmost everyone has a social media account these days, which isn’t surprising as they’re a great way to keep up with everything from funny animal antics to family drama. With the rise of a¬†convenient way for people to connect in real time, a door has opened for online content marketing. Outside of purchasing ads on social media sites, these six easy-to-use platforms can give your business a boost.


Twitter gives businesses the opportunity to maintain an online presence with zero overhead. You can take an audio transcription and post a 160-character chunk of interesting content with a link to the full transcription. Because the Tweets are short, sweet and immediate, you can interact with a potential audience in real time.


The platform that drove the social media explosion, Facebook is as addictive to a majority of Internet users as caffeine and reality television. Options for online content marketing are endless with this platform, and sneaky programming lets your content display on the pages of browsers who aren’t even following you with a click of the like button by one or more of their hundreds of friends.


An excellent opportunity to collect subscribers and share content, YouTube has steadily increased its presence as more people drop television and cable for online streaming content. With over one billion active users, the platform is a boon for businesses looking to increase visibility. The ability to share video content with other social media platforms broadens your potential client base.


Much like Twitter, Instagram has grown to be a go-to platform for quick sharing of thoughts through pictures and memes. Marketing itself to a younger crowd, the platform is a great way to introduce your business to the masses. This platform also offers the ability to share your posts with other platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, killing three birds with one perfectly set-up stone.


No longer the stomping grounds of tweens, teens and college students only, Snapchat has grown to include users such as CNN and Starbucks, marketing itself to every age group. Offer your online content in timed chats that disappear within seconds after the user clicks on them, or choose to create a 20-second story with a series of snaps. Recent changes to the platform let content be saved for later viewing.


Easily connected with Twitter, Periscope lets you share live video from your phone or tablet with your followers. The future of online content marketing, the platform provides an excellent way to share content in real time. Share a TED Talk as it happens, or show off the latest in your field or product line with potential customers. Integrated messaging makes this a great way to hold Q & A sessions with viewers.

As more of the population moves away from traditional forms of media in favor of online entertainment and information, these six social media platforms let you make your presence known with engaging content. Talk to today about ways you can use audio and video transcription in your online content marketing campaigns.

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