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Productivity Tips: Benefits of Coloring Books for Adults

By: Brittany Corners | Published: October 15, 2015


Productivity tips are increasingly focusing on activities that provide meditative ways to spend your downtime. The theory is that the onslaught of screen time, multitasking and 24/7 client availability wears us down, so we need to recharge in unplugged, mindful ways.

Therapists are divided on the topic, but the popularity of adult coloring books as an inexpensive means of stress management is undeniable.

Adult coloring books are climbing the bestseller list at Amazon with thousands of titles such as Color Me Calm and Stress Relieving Patterns. There’s even a Game of Thrones coloring book overseen by author George R.R. Martin and a Color Me Swoon book featuring drawings of Hollywood hunks such as Johnny Depp and Taylor Lautner.

Relieve Stress

Proponents of the adult coloring book trend say that spending time filling in the sophisticated artwork, often with high-end colored pencils, produces a mindful calm. You can lose yourself in designs ranging from the simple to the intricate and complex. Themes include ocean animals, flowers, patterns and holidays.

The trend is too new for definitive data feedback yet, but the general consensus is that coloring can be an effective stress management tool. Lower stress promotes mental health and improves productivity. Hospitals have even started to provide the books in waiting rooms to help families pass the time and ease their anxiety.

Stimulate Creativity

Focusing on design and color choices promotes a left-to-right brain switch. Children are naturally creative, and coloring books are a childhood staple, but life and work have a way of stifling that flair in all but the most artistic souls. If you’ve had an urge to create but staring at a blank page is intimidating, coloring is a simple re-introduction to the creative process.

Improve focus

It’s hard to do anything else while you’re coloring. Remember the intensity of a child with a new coloring book and sharp crayons? Recovering that kind of focus can be hard with today’s emphasis on multitasking, but coloring a page or two can quiet a distracted mind and increase your productivity when you get back to work.

Coloring is the latest addition to productivity tips aimed at releasing stress and stimulating creativity. The idea is that you’ll return to work with new focus and clarity. Find more productivity tips at

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