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You want to capture everything that is said at your conferences. This information is used as a permanent record of the meeting, and also to give to conference attendees a reminder of what was said there so they can have it handy when needed. Most companies simply get someone who works there, usually a secretary, to take notes during a conference. The note-taker will later put the notes together into a full document to give to the people who need the information. However, this method, time-tested though it may be, is very prone to human error. People taking notes may not get all of the information due to fast talking at the meeting, or they may misunderstand something important. The last thing a company wants is incorrect information going out to their employees and clients.

How Our Company Can Help Yours

Our company can eliminate the possibility of human error when you get an employee to transcribe conference information. Simply use computer recording equipment such as a tablet or a smartphone to capture every word of your conference on audio, then upload the file to us. Our transcription specialists can then play the audio back slowly, go back and forth through it again and again, and rewind to hear certain parts as often as they need to in order to ensure near perfect accuracy.

You really must use a quality conference transcription service to get the best results from your business meetings. There is no substitute for it. Leave the transcription work to the professionals and let your employees sit back and enjoy your conference, knowing they will get an accurate print-out of what was discussed very shortly.  Contact us today to discuss our transcription services and to get started.

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