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Corporate meetings are a valuable and important staple of the business world. They help ensure everyone is on the same page and apprised of what is going on with the company now and going forward allowing large teams to accomplish large tasks. New business initiatives, new positions, job descriptions and projects are all discussed at these meetings. There is usually someone present at these meetings who is taking notes that will later be typed up into official memos or newsletters. This provides a permanent record of what was discussed at the meeting and allows dissemination of the information to other employees who may not have been present, but who need to know what was said there.

The only drawback to having a secretary or scribe take notes at a meeting (notes that are later used to create full documents of what the meeting was about) is that there is plenty of room for human error as conversation is condensed. A secretary may not get all of the pertinent information into the notes he or she is taking. The secretary may also misunderstand a word or a whole point to a discussion. This means inaccurate information going out to employees that will later have to be corrected.

This problem can be easily fixed with corporate meeting transcription services. With this type of business meeting transcription, the meetings are recorded on audio or video using a computer such as a tablet or a laptop. The recordings can be played again and again, fast-forwarded and re-wound as necessary in order to ensure full 100 percent accuracy in the meeting notes.

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