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Focus group interviews and discussions are just the start of the research process that allow you to broaden your research and identify key issues. The best way to document your interviews and discussions is to record them for review at a later time. Instead of spending hours transcribing your notes, stay focused on preparing for your thesis and let us turn your audio recordings into a text document.

Our goal is to make clients happy by providing expedient and accurate focus group transcription service. Our transcription specialists are well trained and highly experienced, as well as easy to work with, which makes the process of having a transcription completed much more fluid and precise. The next time you are interested in getting a piece of information transcribed, let us show you how the pros handle the task.

Benefits of Focus Group Transcription

When you want something transcribed, you cannot risk having a poorly or inaccurately completed job. Thanks to our team of US-based specialists we can offer a 98 percent or greater accuracy rate. Imagine being able to fully trust our team to be able to handle your focus transcription needs. Your own work load will be greatly reduced by outsourcing your needs to When you contact our customer service representatives, they will put you in contact with your particular team. This is the group of transcribers who will be assigned to your case load. In addition to being able to feel confident by working with a consistent transcription team, your customized solution will ensure you receive personable service that meets your particular needs.

We take pride in providing our clients with on-time delivery of all focus group transcription service related documents. You can choose from a variety of turn-around delivery times including one, two or seven days. Ordering of our transcription services can be done easily and conveniently online via our secure and private ordering system. After you upload your file(s) in our secure system or you can send a link to your file. Pay for your transcription service through our web based payment service, which accepts both PayPal and major credit cards. Once your team has successfully completed their mission to transcribe your information, you will receive the document in a Rich Text format by email. Get started today!

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