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We know that the hiring process is a time consuming effort for all involved. If you do many interviews, it can be difficult to tell some candidates apart after awhile. Add to that the attention you must give to making sure all of your interview questions are appropriate. By using interview transcription services, you’ll have a written record of the most important conversation you’ll have with a potential new hire.

Why Use Interview Transcription Services?

You are doing several things at once in an interview:

  • Preparing to ask a question
  • Listening to the response
  • Watching non-verbal queues
  • Making notes
  • Evaluating the response
  • Considering if the person is a fit
  • Keeping the interview moving and on time

Details and responses can be missed while writing down notes or thinking of questions. This is why we recommend a record of the interview through our interview transcription services. Whether in person or a transcribed conference call, you’ll have all of the details to review at your leisure after the interview.

You may not need to do panel interviews by using a transcription record. Circulate the transcript to your hiring managers to review before they discuss a candidate. When you do have multiple interviewers, the transcription will verify what the candidate said in case of a discrepancy between people’s notes.

Use the transcription to improve your interviewing techniques. Are the questions being asked helpful for evaluating the candidate? Which questions could be worded differently to get a clearer response? Do all questions conform to legal guidelines or do changes need to be made? Streamline your interview process with frequent content reviews from the transcripts.

We’ll keep your process moving with one, two or seven day delivery time options. You’ll work with one person on our team to minimize the confusion of working with a group.

Using our services is easy. Send us your audio or video file, or a link to its location. To transcribe a conference call, use the recording option on your conference service and send us that file. Pay online with one of several secure payment options. Your work will be assigned to the right person. When completed, we review the transcript for accuracy and send it to you in Rich Text format.

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