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Having a telephone call transcription is incredibly helpful for a number of different reasons, be it for business or personal use. A high quality phone call transcription effectively documents everything that was said in a conversation by everyone on the call, whether its two people or a conference call with many different parties speaking to each other at once. It allows everyone to review what was said on the call after the fact, to make sure nothing was lost, missed or misinterpreted during the call itself.

We are experts at various types of phone call transcriptions. We offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs and are 100 percent US-based transcription specialists. Most importantly, we have more than a 98 percent accuracy rate for every transcript we write, almost guaranteeing you will get the exact transcript from every phone conversation we are asked to transcribe. We pride ourselves on on-time delivery and have three turn around time options for our transcription services, at varying prices: 1 business day, 2 business days and 7 business days.

Orders can be made securely online through our user friendly process. Upload your audio/video files you need transcribed. Then a payment can be made securely online via credit card or PayPal with the desired turn around time on the order. Once the payment has been processed, our transcription team will then complete the job and the work will be closely checked for accuracy. Once the transcription has been internally approved, it will be returned to you as a Word document via email.

If you need accurate telephone call transcription, and you need it quickly, start your order with us now!

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  • 100% US-based Team
  • 98%+ Transcription Accuracy
  • Turnaround time options
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