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As more churches strive to stay relevant in this ever-changing culture, sermon transcripts can aid in your efforts to attract more webpage visitors and online traffic. Many people go online to search out topics. With text based sermon transcriptions on your site, the search engines will make the connection between your site and topics you have already spoken on. Search engines are not currently able to make the connection between topics spoken in audio files with searches, the text version will make this possible.

Even if you offer audio and/or visual sermon archives on your website or in digital form, some words and ideas may be difficult for listeners to make out. Visitors to your website may not want to take the time to listen to a full sermon, but may want to read through your words in order to gain a better understanding of what you teach before visiting.

Another great benefit of having a digital sermon transcription is increased archival ability and the option of on-hand study helps. These files would then be available to teachers or students who want to do deeper study into the areas of your teaching. They will be able to print out a copy for their records and use it as a study guide during their teaching or personal devotion time.

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Our trained transcription experts have general knowledge of the main religious texts and are therefore able to transcribe your sermons accurately and in context. This includes a working knowledge of proper verse formatting, theological terms and names. In short, we can help you reach more people and encourage those already listening and learning from you.

That’s it. It is that simple to have your own transcribed version of your sermons in less than a week. Try us, start your order now and let’s get your message out to the masses.

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