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5 Must-Have Accessories for Doing Transcription Jobs From Home

By: Brittany Corners | Published: November 17, 2015

transcription-jobs-from-homeOnce you have your computer and the desk has been set up in your spare room the way you like, you’re allowed to feel a sense of accomplishment, but you’re not ready to start doing transcription jobs from home yet. Before you set to work, there are a few other items you need to make the home office productive at the level you’re looking for.

The Comfy Chair

Office chairs can be pricey, and a good one seems like an almost indefensible extravagance, especially when you’re just getting started doing transcription jobs from home. A fully adjustable chair, however, is as much of an investment in the success of the work you’re doing as a computer. An ergonomically correct chair works to keep you comfortable for longer hours than a chair you brought upstairs from the dining room could, keeping you energized and capable of much longer hours. When you’re doing transcription jobs from home, more hours directly translate into higher pay, justifying the cost of a really good chair. A proper chair goes the distance in helping you avoid injury typing for hours on end.

The Office Machine

The term “office machine” has come to be a catch-all for what used to be just a printer. Modern printers are available that are so sophisticated, your kids could almost do their book reports on them. An all-in-one design is ideal for your home office because it gives you a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine that fit on a single folding table next to your desk. You need all of these functions, so getting them in a single machine is a brilliant decision.


Headphones are optional for gamers and wordsmiths, but they are a vital piece of equipment for doing transcription jobs from home. Noise-cancelling headphones, the kind that go over your whole ear, let you hear a clear playback of the recorded audio you’re transcribing, and they block out the typical home noises of kids, neighbors and clunking washing machines.

A File Cabinet

Paper is very old-fashioned, but you’re going to be swimming in it when you start doing transcription jobs from home. Contracts, invoices, tax forms and various odds and ends cling to at-home workers like grains of rice to a freshly laundered sock. Look into a cabinet that matches your budget, and then get one that’s slightly larger than you think you’ll need. The extra space can be a lifesaver in six months.

The Minifridge

It’s not all serious business when you’re doing transcription jobs from home. Sometimes you can relax at your desk and enjoy a cold drink. Stashing a minifridge under the desk, somewhere between the paper shredder – get one of those, too, they’re great fun –and the tangle of cables, helps keep you focused on the task at hand, if only because you have your own honor bar to raid as reward for a job well done.

Setting up a home office is something everyone who takes on transcription jobs from home gets to do. Take care to set it up right, though, and don’t forget to add a few extras for after-work fun. To get more tips on life as a transcriptionist, follow @Transcribecom on Twitter.

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