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Biding Time and Making Bank: Transcription Jobs and Other Ideas for Recent Graduates

By: Brittany Corners | Published: December 1, 2015

transcription jobsSucceeding in the career of your dreams these days isn’t as simple as studying for a degree and then jumping into the job right away. For most college graduates, what follows is a period of applications, interviews and seemingly endless searches. While you wait, there are lots of options for making a few bucks on the side, including transcription jobs.

Transcription Jobs
Your fresh diploma is proof that you are detail oriented enough to take notes and pass your classes. Put those skills to use by looking for transcription jobs online. With, and you can work when you want, where you want, fitting your tasks around your schedule. Transcription projects are pretty diverse, but primarily consist of transcribing legal and academic meetings and lectures.

Writing and Editing
For English majors, writing and editing tasks are quite feasible and are relatively easy to find online. Content platforms offer varying rates – typically per word – for work that ranges from simple product descriptions to complex, scholarly publications and articles.

Do you have an unusually sophisticated knack for explaining how to fix a stove? Consider opening up a YouTube account, and posting short “how-to” videos. When you allow YouTube to include ad content with your videos, you get to keep a portion of the advertising dollars and your income grows with each view. Some successful YouTubers have even dropped the job search in favor of broadcasting.

Mystery Shopping
Make money while satisfying your inner shopaholic, mystery shopping is a flexible gig that companies use to keep up with customer service. Visit the store or restaurant, make a purchase and report back on your experiences. You can easily fit these assignments in before or after a round of interviews, in the evenings or even on weekends.

Consulting or Tutoring
While you wait for that job of a lifetime, put your newly minted skills to use with a consulting gig. Help a mom-and-pop business compete with a big box interloper, or hire your math skills out to parents of middle-schoolers. You’re staying fresh, while filling a need.

House or Petsitting
Hire yourself out to care for and walk pets, or offer to house-sit for frequent travelers. “Snowbirds” traveling from northern climes to spend the winter in the warmth of Florida often hire someone to either check on or stay in their homes. Consider offering your pet care skills to a busy working mom so you can make some cash and she can take a break from the daily hustle.

Direct Sales
Not for the shy, but extroverted people can make a little extra cash doing direct sales. Hold candle and makeup parties where you take a cut of the proceeds and earn bonuses for signing others up, or market energy drinks and fitness regimens to today’s health-conscious society.

Waiting on your dream job doesn’t have to be filled with financial worry. With a little ingenuity, you can earn a decent income while you interview.

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