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Use a Podcast Transcript to Help Your Channel Succeed

By: Brittany Corners | Published: July 28, 2015

Podcast TranscriptionWhether you’re looking to host a podcast channel purely for fun, or you’re interested in advertising your business with some timely tips and advice, your familiarity with the steps involved in building a successful channel makes all the difference. This guide will help you get started, and show you how a podcast transcript helps increase your subscriber count.

Grab a Domain Name

The first step in setting up a successful podcast channel is developing a website you can use as a “home base” where you can store your archives and provide links to your program. In addition to giving your brand a professional appearance, hosting a customized website, with your own URL, makes it easy to upload a podcast transcript in text form for subscribers who prefer reading over listening or watching.

Set Up a Blog

Tie your podcast to a blog you can update at least twice a week. A blog of your own provides a space to leave your thoughts and opinions on the material being presented, and it offers a place for your subscribers to leave their feedback and impressions. While it may seem redundant to have both a blog and a website, the more avenues you have to connect with your podcast audience, the more likely it is to be found, which is half the battle for a new channel. Blogs also offer a great spot to upload an RSS feed so your subscribers can download your podcast as soon as it goes live. You can also place a podcast transcript on your blog to make your content easy for search engines to find.

Make Use of Social Media

If you don’t already have a social media presence, get one. Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise your podcast. Whether you’re operating your channel for business purposes, or just as a creative outlet, sharing your podcast transcript on social media with a link to the recorded content acts as a free venue to advertise your channel to an interested public.

Hosting a growing podcast channel is an excellent way of sharing your thoughts and ideas with a global audience. It’s also an excellent companion to blogging, commenting and standard advertising for your business. Creating a channel is relatively simple, and sharing your podcast transcript makes it easy to share your broadcast beyond the reach of an audio-only program. Follow Transcribe on Twitter for more tips on how to get the most out of your podcast.

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