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Understand the Key Benefits of Video Transcription

By: Brittany Corners | Published: August 18, 2015


Transcribing your video into a text document gives your content the power of the written word in several very important ways. Video transcription makes your message searchable and also easily accessible by deaf and hard of hearing individuals as well as foreign language speakers. Lastly, transcription greatly extends the reach and life of your message.

Fuel for Search Engines

Video transcription is essential for search engine optimization. An accompanying text document on your video webpage lets your content be picked up and indexed by the almighty search engine, improving your site’s ranking and traffic. Targeted SEO usage in your transcription increases your ranking.

The transcribed content can include clickable links, letting your audience easily visit websites or products you’ve mentioned in your video. It is also much easier to scan a text document for a quick quote or snippet than it is to review a video for the same information.

Accessibility Considerations

Video transcription makes your message available to deaf people or those who are hard of hearing. Foreign language speakers may find it easier to understand your video, and some people just like to use text to follow along, which can only improve the retention and comprehension of your message.

Transcription also lets your message be accessed by people who are in a noisy train or a quiet library or work environment. Subscribers can read read the content, assured they won’t miss something or create a nuisance for others.

Maximized Reach

A video transcription lets you reach more people as discussed above through increased accessibility and better search results, but it also offers extended life and reach for your message. The text document can be mined for blog or article content or downloaded as a study guide or post-meeting handout.

A text document accompanying your video content also gives a professional and comprehensive appearance to your message.

Lawyers videotape depositions, professors record lectures, market researchers record focus groups and business people record interviews and meetings. All of these messages gain staying power through video transcription. Follow @Transcribe on Twitter for more info and news.

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