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Words on the Wild Side: Using General Transcription Outside of Business

By: Brittany Corners | Published: September 17, 2015

general-transcriptionWhen you think of the ways transcription can be used, you probably think of medical and legal transcription, or the recording of meeting minutes. While beneficial to business, professional transcription is rarely fun or memorable. Stretch your mind, and think of the ways general transcription can be used outside of the workaday world, whether it’s for home or office get-togethers, or even a context you’ve never thought of before.

Business Bashes

A great way to create a memorable moment is to use general transcription for the recording of an office birthday party or retirement celebration. Keep the tape rolling from the moment the guest of honor walks through the door, and transcribe the best moments into a document that can be leafed through for years to come. You can even use transcription to create meeting-style minutes of the events and share them company-wide for those who weren’t able to attend to enjoy.

Family Fun

Whether you want a paper memory of your wedding vows or you’d like to remember each little squeak from your newborn’s big day, general transcription is a unique way to commemorate the special moments in your life. A transcription of your wedding ceremony lets you share the moment with family members who couldn’t be there or guests who had trouble hearing the vows. Text from the ceremony can be used on your 25th anniversary invitations to create an awesome keepsake for your family and friends. Use general transcription to write down your little one’s first words; they can be incorporated into a baby book or shared with family far away to spread the (sometimes) hilarious conversations that toddlers and preschoolers often have.

Charity Chuckles

If you’re planning a charity event, such as a walk, marathon or donation drive, consider using general transcription along with videotape to record and share the event. A transcribed copy of the proceedings, even just a collection of excerpts, can be included in your charity newsletter and sent out to patrons.

General transcription isn’t just for meeting minutes or college lectures; you can use it to get the most from special events in your personal life. Follow @TranscribeCom on Twitter for more ideas on using general transcription.

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